We carry the full line of Toolex International machinery and equipment.  We also carry the full line of Toolex Automotive hand tools.  To see the full specifications on any tool, please visit the Toolex website by clicking the logo on the right.

To see detailed specs and photos of the five tools selected by our Toolex Tool Rep, please click here.

Table Saws
BTS-10B 10" Bench Top Table Saw
TSC-10 10" Contractor Saw
TSC-10B 10" Contractor Saw
TSC-10HK 10" Cabinet Table Saw
Drill Presses
DP-13X 8" Bench Model Drill Press
DP-16M 13" Bench Model Drill Press
DP-18M 17" Bench Model Drill Press
DP-16FM 13" Floor Model Drill Press
DP-16NFM 13" Floor Model Drill Press
DP-18FM 17" Floor Model Drill Press
DP-30 22" Heavy Duty Drill Press
RF-401S2F Variable Speed Floor Drill Press
TDM-30 Milling and Drilling Machine
TM-40HC Gear Head Milling, Drilling Machine
TWJ-6L 6" Jointer
TWJ-6 6" Jointer
TWJ-8 8" Jointer
TWJ-12 12" Jointer
TCT-38 15" Planer
SPW-162 16" Planer
CT-508 20" Planer
WP-24 24" Heavy Duty Planer
BDS-460 6" Disc, 4"x36" Belt Sander
BDS-690 9" Disc, 6"x48" Belt Sander
SB-12A 12" Disc, 6"x48" Belt Sander
DS-20 20" Disc Sander
BOY-80 6"x89" Belt Sander
OVS-K Spindle Sander
OVS-E Spindle Sander
MS-25 25" Drum Sander
Band Saws
SW-1401 14" Wood Bandsaw
SW-1404 14" Variable Speed Wood Bandsaw
SW-1404E 14" Variable Speed Wood Bandsaw
MBS-20E 20" Heavy Duty Bandsaw
TTC-301 4x6 Metal Band Saw
TTC-302 7x12 Metal Band Saw
RY-916 Metal Band Saw
RY-1018 Metal Band Saw
TS-300 Shaper
LS-101 Shaper
WL-3700 12" Wood Lathe
CH-350 Metal Lathe
CH-350LM Metal Lathe and Milling Machine
CT-1440G Heavy Duty Metal Lathe